Mission Overland


This week has been a different experience every single day. A week out I’m feeling really good. My first surgery was an L5-S1 fusion which gave me a TON of pain in my tailbone that lasted for months. I have none of that pain with this surgery and that makes the pain much more manageable. I feel much more mobile and have more energy than the first time. I really don’t know… Read More

Day 3 started at 4am when I was ready for my first pain pill of the day. I decided to make it my time to get up and stretch and get some exercise by taking care of some daily tasks like brushing my teeth and making my coffee. Pro tip: keeping regular, if you know what I mean, is extremely important because the last thing you want to be doing is stressing… Read More

Day 2 was really pretty simple, I sat around waiting for things to happen that would lead to my release. More and more I started spending more time awake than passed out and focused on keeping on top of the pain meds.

My intent is to have a play-by-play of what happens during the surgery and recovery from the person going through it. I will be very detailed for those who might go through this in the future. This is my second time going through this procedure so I will make sure to point out the things that I thought were very important this time around. If this is not your thing, no problem…. Read More

One of the things that caused me to get into documenting my overlanding trips was inevitable exit from the military due to a back surgery I had to have. My first spinal fusion was mid-October 2017 and have largely been doing really well for the last 8 months or so.