Mission Overland


Since getting some lower-priced tires, I decided that I wanted to do everything I could to lengthen their life… this is a new thing for me. Don’t judge. Time to rotate the tires.

I want to take a quick second to talk about the programmer I needed to buy to adjust the speedometer for larger tires on my Jeep.

I have a love, hate relationship with the inner fenders on the JK. I love them because they are very light weight and do an amazing job preventing crap from getting stuck in all the body holes and the engine bay. I hate them because when something gets past the inner fender, it is staying there FOREVER. They also extend needlessly into the area of which the tires need to articulate… why… Read More

When I bought my Jeep there were a few reasons I decided to spend the extra money on the Rubicon model. One of those reasons was that they came with factory rock sliders and while I don’t ever really intend to use them, having that little bit of extra protection was worth it to me. When fitting bigger tires, these sliders can become a clearance problem, mainly in the rear. Check out… Read More

I mentioned in my first “Preparing for 35s” post that my initial main concern about swapping to 35s was rear tailgate and the lack of ability it has to carry a larger tire. I realize that some people manage to carry a 35” spare on their stock carrier but all I could think about is the tailgate ripping off and the spare bouncing down a crowded interstate… That being said, strengthening the… Read More