Mission Overland


Since getting some lower-priced tires, I decided that I wanted to do everything I could to lengthen their life… this is a new thing for me. Don’t judge. Time to rotate the tires.

In the last couple of posts (CDT Prep Part 1: Fuel Planning, CDT Prep Part 2: Communication) I talked about my planning for the Continental Divide Trail trip I am going to take in the very near future. While planning this trip, I found a video by Coyote Works on YouTube called “My Jeep JKU is on fire right now! – LIVE” and I began to think about what that would look… Read More

The topic for today, if the title didn’t give it away, is the recovery gear that I carry with me. Some of it I have from recommendations of other people and some of it I have from necessity and hard-earned experience.

This “overlanding” thing captured me hook, line, and sinker. I have been at it for a little over a year and a half now and have learned a LOT of things along the way. Here are the top 5 lessons I’ve learned that I think everyone should know.