Mission Overland


Day 7 took me trough Southern Colorado and into New Mexico towards Albuquerque. After Albuquerque I made my way towards the western border and finally made camp in the Gila National Forest near Glenwood. If you want to read a full recap from the day, click HERE. Below are the pictures from throughout the day.

Day 6 took me from Pinedale, WY through some VERY open terrain to Rawlins, WY. After leaving Rawlins, I made my way towards Steamboat Springs, CO followed by Breckenridge and Salida. I finally settled down South-East of Gunnison, CO in the Rio Grande National Forest. For a detailed review of the day, check out the full write-up HERE. Click below for more pictures from the day!

Day 2 took me from Pike National Forest, just outside Denver, up the East side of the Rockies and ending up just outside Bozeman, MT. Here are some pictures I took throughout the day:

The best pictures from the first day of the trip. This day took me from central Oklahoma, through the panhandle into Colorado, and ended in Pike National Forest in the snow. Enjoy!

This morning was another VERY cold morning and I love nothing more than putting on cold clothes and then trying to use my fingers to pack the Jeep up. Anyway, after fighting with tent cover for a while, I hit the road again with miles in mind.