Mission Overland


Enjoy the pictures!

Over the Thanksgiving break, I had an opportunity to see a lot of the family for the holidays, something that has not been a possibility since joining the military. Typical me, I can’t just go visit family, I had to turn it into an overlanding trip! I threw a plan together and the kiddo and I hit the road.

Day 8 took me through western New Mexico, to the border with Mexico, and then through Texas and Oklahoma to get home to the family. Read the full recap of the last day HERE. Here are the pictures I took throughout the day:

The LAST day! I knew getting all the way back home was going to be a LONG day but I was ready to get back to the family. But first, I needed to get to the border to call this trip complete. I set out early in the morning and headed towards the border where I dealt with drizzling rain the whole way under overcast skies.

As I set out on following the Continental Divide, I will be trying to post regularly to The blog, Instagram, and checking in on the Mission Overland Facebook and Twitter pages so check there to follow the journey. – For friends and family, you can use the link below and enter the password to see where I am in real-time and where I have been. https://share.garmin.com/msnovrlnd – Thanks for the support!