CDT: Day 8

The LAST day! I knew getting all the way back home was going to be a LONG day but I was ready to get back to the family. But first, I needed to get to the border to call this trip complete. I set out early in the morning and headed towards the border where I dealt with drizzling rain the whole way under overcast skies.

SKIES -1-min.jpg

If you read my post from yesterday, you will also know that I was blown away with the fact that parts of New Mexico looked like the forests of Colorado. Leaving Silver City, NM, I found the views that I thought of as typical New Mexico. Even still, there was far more grass than I thought and the image of nothing but desert was not really happening near the divide.

NM -1-min.jpg

Just north of the border, I passed through Hachita, NM which looked like it was in the middle of a nuclear wasteland.

HACHITA -1-min.jpg

When I got to the border I found a few other guys there from Expedition SEMA. They were waiting on the Border Patrol to bring out their Ford Raptor to get some pictures. These guys were super awesome and it was a pleasure meeting them.

SEMA -1-min.jpg

After they left I snapped a few pictures for myself and hit the long road home.

BORDER -1-min.jpg

What was interesting was that when I got home and was able to walk around my house, I realized how nice it was to have a home that you don’t have to set up every night and tear down every morning. I realized that maybe I was getting a little cabin fever living in the Jeep for 8 days. I think that other people would have probably helped but at the same time, I was my own master and that is also a huge benefit for going it alone.

As I continue doing these trips, I’ll just have to take the lessons learned from each one and make the next one that much better. Thanks for following along and join me again on my next adventure, whatever that may be.

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