Mission Overland


Last week I completed the Oklahoma Adventure Trail on my Honda CRF250L. I’ll put my thoughts on the trail in a different post but here are some pictures from the trip.

On my last motorcycle camping trip, I decided to leave the tent for the first time. I have brought the hammock before but was never brave enough to go away from what I was used to so I gave myself no option this time.

This weekend I was able to do another quarter of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail, a section that pretty well did a big loop around Tulsa, OK. Sat morning started out at the Homestead Family restaurant in Cushing, OK where I had some much-needed coffee and some great french toast.

If you couldn’t care less what I have to say about my trips but would still like to see the pictures, here you go. Enjoy!

I recently took another step towards completing the Oklahoma Adventure Trail the way it was intended… on a motorcycle.