OK ADV Trail: N Loop

I recently took another step towards completing the Oklahoma Adventure Trail the way it was intended… on a motorcycle.

On the last trip here I drove south out of OKC and circled the state clockwise, ending up in Seiling, OK. For this trip I left OKC early in the morning with the goal of picking up the trail in Seiling just as it was getting light out.

The section of the trail that goes from Seiling towards Stillwater is mostly farmland which offered a lot of what I like to look at most, old homes.

Rather than viewing these as run down eyesores, I look at them as pieces of history and I often wonder what life was like for the people who spent their time living in these structures.

While the scenery provides me entertainment, it turns out that I also provide entertainment to the local population of animals and people alike.

While I was picking a camp spot at Lake McMurtry, several people came up to talk to me about what I was doing and one of those people was riding a bike of his own and asked to join me on the next day’s trip. I have ridden with a few people Jeepin but never on a bike, let alone lead the group. It turns out that he was a great guy who shared a great day of riding with me that culminated in a nice lunch before heading our separate ways.

Lake McMurtry at Sunrise

Overall, the trip was great and I am planning to do the rest of the trail over the next couple of months. I love traveling the East side of the state and I can’t wait to continue the journey.

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