OK ADV Trail: SW Loop

A few days ago I set off on my first motorcycle trip and in the interest of getting a beginners take on the matter, here is how it went…

In all seriousness, I had somewhere around sixty miles on my motorcycle when I left for this trip and other than my motorcycle safety class, these are the only hours I have spent driving a motorcycle, many of which were done on trails through the woods.

I was a little apprehensive when leaving on this trip but I have to say that I became comfortable on the bike pretty quickly. The morning was dark and below freezing when I left and the main chore became staying warm while riding. A lot of the first hours were spent around 65mph getting to the start of the trail. The goal was to get to the trail as the sun was coming up and I managed to make that happen.

Early morning on the OAT


The rest of the day revolved around back roads made of dirt and/or patched over asphalt and lots of hours listening to podcasts. One eye-opening experience I had related to the frequency at which I would have to stop to fill the tank.

I knew that I had a smaller tank on my bike but I did not realize how often I was going to have to stop. What I realized was that it was a blessing in disguise. By having to stop every so often, I was always looking forward to the next stop to either grab a bite to eat, take a break from the cold wind, have an opportunity to get off my seat, or talk to the odd person hanging out at the gas station.

I also had an auxiliary tank with me so running out of fuel and being stranded was not a possibility. The frequent stops combined with the peace of mind of having an extra tank of fuel was the perfect way to get through the day without being bored to death. Throw in some amazing views and my desire to capture some of the moments on film and the trip was a wonderful break from everyday life.


I arrived at camp in the early afternoon and took the opportunity to shoot some B roll for the upcoming video and relax at camp before going to bed. Keeping all of the camp items on the bike was not as big of a deal as I had imagined it to be, I just had to adjust what items I brought for additional comfort and what I needed to leave at home.

Doing some blogging at camp

Day 2

In the morning, I wanted to get an early start and hit the road while it was still dark. I noticed that another camper had come in in the middle of the night so I rolled the bike out of the camp and down into a valley before cranking it up and letting it warm up. No matter what situation I find myself in, I always think about those around me and try my best to limit my impact on their camp experience. Sometimes I wish other people had my same philosophy but that is a discussion for another day.

The second day was pretty easy and I just wound my way through some oil fields and wind farms on farm roads. I managed to get some cool sunrise pictures but the rest of the day was spent enjoying the scenery and cruising around at 35mph while listening to my favorite podcasts. I do these trips for my own mental health and that was what day 2 was all about.

Early morning in the wind farm


With my venture into adventure motorcycling, I also plan on venturing into video to document my trips. I’m still learning the whole process and it is slow but I am working on a video for this trip so check back for a link to the YouTube video… whenever that may be, I have NO idea. Hopefully within the week.

Thanks for checking in and if you have read this far, I really appreciate it! Please feel free to give some feedback. I do these posts for my own benefit but what do you all want to hear about?

South-western OK

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