Let the adventures begin!

In early 2017, I started looking at the Trans-America Trail (TAT) which was a trail spanning the continental United States and developed for adventure motorcycles. At that time in my life, motorcycles were not an option, so I started looking at adventuring in my 1987 Jeep Wrangler. The TAT takes a while and I was looking for something easier to get into adventuring.

I live in Oklahoma and I stumbled over a trip called the Oklahoma Adventure Trail (OAT). Basically, it is a loop that goes all the way around OK and was designed to stay on as much dirt as possible while allowing the rider to experience the whole state. In May of 2017 I hit the trail in my Jeep and drug my Dad along in his Jeep.

My first attempt of the OK Adventure Trail

The trip was amazing, but we did skip a good bit of the Western half of the trail because of some bad storms. After getting my CRF250L I have had the desire to conquer the trail in the way it was designed to, on the back of a motorcycle.

Due to me starting a new job, I really don’t have the week it takes to complete the trail at one time so I broke the trail up into four sections and since I live in the middle of the state, it will be easy to pick up where I left off on any given weekend.

The trail broken into four sections

So, this will be the first adventure trip I take and will be a familiar trail that will allow me to learn the motorcycle while camping off it and experiencing the trail in a new way. The whole time I will be relatively close to civilization and no further from rescue than a couple of hours drive from home. I plan to take it slow and do some real learning along the way. Whatever I find, good and bad, I’ll report back. I’m super new so let the mistakes begin… I’m ready! Lol.

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