Mission Overland


Day 5 took me to Bannack, MT for some great Ghost Town pictures. I headed through a valley next with a canyon for an exit and then across the plains to Grand Teton National Park. After the park I went through Jackson and ended up camping in the Bridger National Forest near Pinedale, WY.

This morning I work up with a renewed view on what I want to get out of this trip. I always planned on there being a little slop in the time it would take me to complete the trip but Unfortunately, I told my son I “should” be back on a certain day and now that is set in stone, not an option. This works for me  and fits well with what… Read More

Day 1 My journey started early in the morning as the family was getting ready for work and school. I made sure my list of things to do before I left was complete and I headed out! And then sat in OKC morning traffic for an hour. But after that… I WAS ON MY WAY!