Mission Overland



Olympic events were hosted in this forest Very near a famous trail NOBO from a gap named for an Indian grave In Earth: HMV200.9@19.5


Deriving its name from “The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God” There is a road that connects the pine trees with the palm trees In Earth: TNP227@46.6 Find a trail of millwork


This forest gets its name from its location in the warm, southern part of the state Find a town that receives its name from the valley in which it resides From the town, into the canyon bearing the same name Not far, turn off the main road towards the trail head of a famous mariner


This National Forest is dumb but beautiful Follow the coin number North from the stupid basin When you have reached the end of your rope, keep going DCTH is where you want to be


Named after a Native American tribe Whose name is thought to have been translated from “enemy” Near its Southern-most point A trail for an unorthodox person