Mission Overland



I really think John Denver would like the place this treasure rests. To find the right location, you first need to find the place named for a man whose faith was tested beyond any other. ESE from there, 3 miles down the beautiful dirt road, you’ll cross over the run. Just past the crossing is a very large, white blazed boulder bordering the east side of the road. On top of that… Read More


On the Texas side of the reservoir lies a town situated near a mill. A little more that 2 miles up the road is a right turn up a small dirt road. Up that road just a bit, as it turns SE, you should stop and check behind the posts in the ground. You may just find a treasure there.


Between a town of Iron and an Oak tree on a hill, lies a place to park that refers to an early form of long-distance communication. Just few feet down the trail is a wash that goes South. If you start to see old, used tires, you’re in the right place.


In the land where the Fox lives in the swamp, and at the end of road named after a nearby town without the C, is a “Y” intersection. From there, the Map will have to guide your steps.


Named for the residents of the state From the coin number, head away from S W @ 2.6mi Cliffs covered in poisonous plants