Preparing for 35s: Programming New Tire Size

I want to take a quick second to talk about the programmer I needed to buy to adjust the speedometer for larger tires on my Jeep.

When I started researching programmers I saw a lot of different types with a varying number of features. The main two tuners I looked at were the AEV programmer and the Superchips Flashcal. Superchips offers a better version that has new tunings for the Jeep but I could not justify that added cost. I really needed it to just adjust the speedometer so it reads correctly.

The AEV unit is very basic and the Superchips unit had a screen with a fault code reading/clearing capability as well as all of the tire and gear re-calibration features I needed. Because it has a pretty screen and some extra features, I went with the Superchips Flashcal.

Superchips Flashcal



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