Spinal Fusion: Day 2

Day 2 was really pretty simple, I sat around waiting for things to happen that would lead to my release. More and more I started spending more time awake than passed out and focused on keeping on top of the pain meds.

Pro tip: Stay on top of the meds! Even if you feel like you are fine, just take them as prescribed.Trust me on this one, you DO NOT want to get behind. I’m going to continue the 4 hour schedule through day 3 at least this time.

The rest of the day I focused on getting up often to stretch my legs and loosen the back up a bit, drinking plenty of water, and staying comfortable.
Later in the day I was released and it was finally time to go home. YAY!

Pro tip: have a descent sized vehicle ready to take you home. Obviously you don’t want something you have to climb into but you don’t want something sitting on the ground either. 

Perspective of the items in your house will be the biggest change for you. Simple things like lifting the toilet seat are now largely implausible. Lol. Bending down and reaching that far is going to be a LARGE task. Personally I use a hook for helping with clothing to lift the seat. Time to think out of the box and find creative solutions for things that weren’t a problem before.

Pro tip: Before your surgery, or after if you have a helper, place all of your everyday items between waist level and chest level. 

I ran into a problem recently were brushing my teeth and bending over to spit in the sink wasn’t going to happen. I am now having to resort to spitting a considerable instance and cleaning up afterwards… That is my life now. Lol.

Well, that is all she wrote for day 2, we’ll see what day 3 brings, my first day spent entirely at home with home health and PT making their first visits.

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