Spinal Fusion! …again

One of the things that caused me to get into documenting my overlanding trips was inevitable exit from the military due to a back surgery I had to have. My first spinal fusion was mid-October 2017 and have largely been doing really well for the last 8 months or so.

X-ray taken during my first fusion

Well, I have since had continuing symptoms and almost 2 years to the date, I will be going under the knife to fuse the next level up. You can see in the MRI below that the two lowest discs are not in the best shape. The first fusion took care of the lowest one but the next one up has started causing me problems.

I did not have an outlet like this the last time and I will be posting updates here. What I really want is to have a record of what exactly I go through in the recovery but also maybe have a resource for people who are going through this procedure in the future.

Wish me luck

The reason for the fusions

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