March 19 Nomadik Box Review

Just recently I received my March Nomadik Box. Check it out…

If you missed the review of the February 2019 box, check it out HERE. In that review I cover my thoughts on the whole subscription box thing and my impressions of this one compared to some others. Overall, I was pleased with the first box and this one is no different.

2019 March Nomadik Box

This box contained four items:

1. Tactical Outfitters Lantern – Retail ~$10

There are many copies of this lantern and I have no idea how it will hold up over time. What I really like is the magnetic base and as of the time I am writing this, it is already stuck to the side of my storm shelter where it will be useful for the upcoming storm season.

2. Gear Aid Paracord and Carabiner – Retail $6.50 Amazon

This hank of paracord has a reflective strip in it and is going directly into my moto camping kit. 50’ is perfect for stringing a tarp among MANY other uses. You can never have too much paracord…

3. Readyman Paracord Cleat – Retail ~$3.40 Amazon

If you don’t know or can never remember (that’s me…) how to tie a taught line hitch, these cleats take the guessing out of the equation. After stringing a line up, these cleats allow a quick adjustment to either tighten or loosen the line. What a great tool to have.

4. Spicy Gorilly Goods Organic Raw Vegan Trail Mix – Retail ~$2.50 Amazon

I’m typically not a huge fan of these kinds of trail mixes but I’ll give it a shot. Hope it is good…

In general, this box was not really worth the cost. The total I came up with was around $22 which does not live up to the $35 price tag. There were no items that I would not use but it seemed a lot like the builders of this box bought items in bulk and divvied them out in very small portions to the subscribers.

I’m fairly disappointed with this month’s box but maybe they will make up for it in the future. Keep checking back to find out.

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