Why Adventure Motorcycles?

Today I want to talk about what led me to adventure motorcycles.

My desire to get into adventure traveling started with a video series by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman called “Long Way Round”. In this series, the two took their motorcycles on an adventure where they drove around the world.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

Throughout their journey they saw the world in a new light and at a much slower pace than an interstate allows. This kicked of my desire for adventure and one of my main goals is to see and meet people who live life at a different pace. Life on the interstate is no way to live life in my opinion. Seeing the concrete walls and lined pavement for mile after mile is time wasted. Seeing the beautiful farms in the back country or the small towns built around a former mining town is a much more interesting way to experience the beautiful country that I am lucky enough to live in.

Morning sun shining through the trees in the Ouachita National Forest

 Because of Ewan and Charley, I got into adventure travelling but instead of two wheels, I went for four and got into Jeeping. I went all out on “overlanding” and LOVE taking the jeep out and riding trails. One of the best experiences I had in life was my time following the Continental Divide in my Jeep and I would not trade it for anything. However, part of me always wanted to experience adventure traveling on two wheels to really immerse myself in the adventure. There is something about exploring in the safety of a Jeep that takes a little bit away from the immersion.

My main adventure vehicle

In the last article I talked about my desire to get into motorcycles and how I was interested from an early age. Since it is the beginning of the Supercross season, I started my annual look into the CRF250L, my dream motorcycle. I happened to mention it to my wife, and she said okay. After I clarified that I heard her correctly (risky move) I started the hunt for my actual future bike.

While I will not stop overlanding in my Jeep, adventure traveling on the motorcycle will be cheaper and more immersive than I could ever have imagined. Join me on my journey into becoming a motorcycle rider and eventually, maybe enjoy the thrill of adventure on a bike.

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