Introduction into Adventure Motorcycling

Hello everyone, I have been largely absent in content creation over the last few weeks and I want to let you into what I have been up to. I promise there will be future content exploring new avenues of adventure.

Firstly, I recently started a new job which has taken me some time to adapt to. From the relatively unstructured hours I worked in the military, I am now adapting to a job where they expect me to keep track of, and log my time spent at the office… crazy.

Now for the more interesting part of what I have been up to. I am proud to tell you that all of the pieces have been falling into place for me to bring adventure motorcycling into the topics that will be discussed here on the site.

The story on how I decided on a specific model and how I plan on taking trips with it will be covered in future posts, so keep checking back for updates. For this post, I want to explain how I arrived at this decision.

My interest in motorcycles started at a very young age when all of my friends rode motocross near Budds Creek, MD. I was never allowed to pursue my interest in motocross (for good reason, I would have likely hurt myself in a major way) but never lost the drive to at least try it. My interest dwindled as I entered high school and college but soon after joining the military, I got into mountain biking for fitness. Watching mountain biking on TV was not easy but what was readily available was Monster Energy Supercross. Every week I would watch supercross and that would reignite my desire to get out and ride my mountain bike.

My time mountain biking was halted when I started having back problems that ultimately led to a back surgery. Since then, I think I have ridden my mountain bike 3 times with painful days following each ride. While my mountain biking slowed, what was always there for me was Supercross. Every year during the Supercross season, I would look up what bike I would get and what I would use it for. The bike I have been looking at for almost 7 years finally sits in my garage, a 2018 Honda CRF250L.

In the next article, I’ll talk about what led me to make this dream a reality and what some of my plans are for the future. I’m new at this so join me as I 1) learn how to ride this thing safely, and 2) see what interesting places it takes me.

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