February 19 Nomadik Box Review

A quick review of the items included in the February 2019 Nomadik Box. Also, my general thoughts on the “subscription box” format.

Before I dive into the Feb box, let me quickly talk about what I think of the whole “subscription box” thing that is popular right now.

In general, I don’t really like the concept of these for one very specific reason. If I am going to spend money on something, I do all the research to decide EXACTLY what item I buy. When you subscribe to a box of randomness, you are paying for something in which you have NO IDEA if it will be useful or not. I also REALLY HATE when these boxes come with a bunch of cheap items that are plastered with the box provider’s logo… Alpha Outpost.

With that in mind, I do like them as a gift idea because it extends your gift and adds some extra thought to your gift. I also like these boxes if you can find one that very well matches your hobbies. For instance, “outdoors” is a generalization that can range from climbing Everest, kayaking the local creek, or loading your vehicle down for some off roading/camping. If you get an “outdoors” box, you are likely to receive things that you have no use for.

February 2019 Box

Feb 19 Nomadik Box

When I received this box, I felt a little “meh” about its contents but now that I look at it more closely, I can see the various uses of the items.

1. Tactica M-100 Multitool – Retail $39.99 on Amazon

Right off, this multitool makes the box worth the cost. I’m not saying it would be “useful” but dollar for dollar, this item makes the box worth the cost of the box. This multitool is one that I would take travelling because it is TSA compliant and has a lot of uses. This is not something that I would rely on everyday but offers a lot of tools to use in a pinch.

2. Survival Card – Retail ~$12

This card has a lot of fishing items on it and I would say that I will most likely NEVER use it. However, I will throw it into my grab bag that I have stashed in my Jeep. It is very small and in the event I needed to grab that bag and get away from my vehicle, it would be nice to have some options for fishing.

3. Emergency Blanket – Retail – Very cheap

An emergency blanket can save your life, fact. However, they are SOOOOOO CHEAP that I already have a bunch just from them being thrown into other things as a survival item. This feels the same to me. Don’t get me wrong, maybe you don’t have one or never thought about it. If that is the case, it is nice to get one in this box, but I view it as a cheap way to get another item into the box. That is just my opinion and considering the other two items and their value, I understand and am fine with it being included.

Overall, I am happy with the box. These aren’t things that I would personally spend my money on but I will incorporate them into existing systems I have to add functionality.

Nomadic Box

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