Named after a Native American tribe

Whose name is thought to have been translated from “enemy”

Near its Southern-most point

A trail for an unorthodox person

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This treasure lies in the land of good hunting grounds

The trail follows round a mountain of walnuts

You may make a brief excursion into a neighboring state

From the line its SW to the first place a non-winged bird might land

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This land was named for a man who “fought like a gamecock”

Very near where three forests come together

The name Burrell is important

Parking will be obvious

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Start your search at Commissioner’s Rock

Go into the “Land of the Noonday Sun”

Drive the Rock’s wilderness border

Park at the Northwest corner

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The Quest

Update: 13 January 2021

As I get further into this, I realize that there is the need for some people to get involved that may not have the ability to travel. I am converting some of the unhidden treasures into armchair hunts. They will be listed in their own region on the main page and will feature stories that contain the clues. Good luck and I hope you like it.

The Quest main page: HERE or you can click on it in the menu bar.

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