This forest gets its name from its location in the warm, southern part of the state

Find a town that receives its name from the valley in which it resides

From the town, into the canyon bearing the same name

Not far, turn off the main road towards the trail head of a famous mariner

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This National Forest is dumb but beautiful

Follow the coin number North from the stupid basin

When you have reached the end of your rope, keep going

DCTH is where you want to be

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Named after a Native American tribe

Whose name is thought to have been translated from “enemy”

Near its Southern-most point

A trail for an unorthodox person

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This treasure lies in the land of good hunting grounds

The trail follows round a mountain of walnuts

You may make a brief excursion into a neighboring state

From the line its SW to the first place a non-winged bird might land

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This land was named for a man who “fought like a gamecock”

Very near where three forests come together

The name Burrell is important

Parking will be obvious

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