Project: YZ125-Part 3

I think its about time to update the progress on the YZ125.

A lot of things have been done to the bike since the last update:

1. The engine was completed using an Athena top end and has been put in the bike and mounted in with all of the factory hangars. I also spruced it up a bit with Boyesen clutch and stater covers, tusk anodized foot controls, all new stainless hardware, a vortex sprocket, and a Topar case saver.

2. With the engine mounted, I really wanted to get the swing arm and forks put together so it might actually start looking like something. I got everything taken apart, put new bearings in the swing arm, rebuilt the forks with new factory connections springs that are for my weight, and fit new rearing races into the head tube and new bearings on the stem. Then I topped it off with new shiny hardware and torqued it all down. It came out really nice, I just hope it performs as well as it looks.

3. After those couple of pretty big additions to the bike, I topped it off with the brake calipers and master cylinders, handle bars, grips, and hand guards. This thing is starting to come together!

So what is next?

I plan on getting the radiator installed, the ignition system put in, chain block in the rear, brake lines in and bled, and maybe the cab in. That will leave the plastics, graphics, exhaust, seat, and wheels. All of those are expensive so the project may start to slow down a bit. All that means is that there may be a return to jeeping in the near future… keep checking in.

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