Project: YZ125 – Part 1

I started venturing into the realm of adventure motorcycles to carry my passion for overlanding in to the two-wheel area. With the Honda CRF 250L I have been able to go on several trips, have no issues, and largely learn what the heck I’m doing on a motorcycle.

In the process of learning how to ride, I took the 250L out on some single track trails and I absolutely LOVED it. The only issue I have is that the 250L is NOT a trail bike. It masquerades as one but it can’t take the abuse and I have already had to make repairs from doing it. To continue trail riding, I need something that doesn’t feel like wrestling a refrigerator through the woods.

So I began researching and I came up with an option that would let me tinker with something throughout the summer and end up with a usable machine to trail ride on. Enter the YZ 125.

-Yamaha Powersports

This is not what mine looks like… Mine looks like this.

My plan is to build the thing from the ground up, piece by piece. I refinished the frame and subframe so now they look like this.

Can you tell I’m going for a Husky look? Lol. Oh well, its my bike and I’ll do it like I want. I’m also rebuilding the engine from an empty case to a functioning motor. Eventually I will have touched every part of this bike and completed it to the best of my ability. I want to get my son involved too so we’ll see how that goes.

Keep checking back for progress updates and to see how this thing players out. Wish me luck!

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