2018 Overlanding Gift Guide

I’m a little late on this but if you have an overlander in your life that you still need a gift for, here are some great ideas at different price points that might help you out.

Overlanding Gifts under $50

Tis the season for shopping and I have 5 items under $50 that the overlander in your life is sure to enjoy!

1. Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp – $30


Hands down, the thing I use most around camp is my headlamp. Sure, you could go with a cheap box store headlamp OR you could grab the Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp. I was issued numerous Princeton Tec lights in the military and I never had any issues. This headlamp has a dull red, bright red, and bright white LEDs that offer plenty of light for any situation. It also has a replaceable battery so when the battery goes dead, it isn’t time to buy a new light.


2. Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag – $45


One of my first purchases as an “overlander” was the Trasharoo bag. There are many options out there and I would look at what best fits your needs but this one works well for me. I have a Jeep and space is VERY limited so things like extra trash and dirty clothes get stored in the Trasharoo and not in the cab with us. Having this extra space has been a lifesaver at times and I don’t really know what I would do without it.


3. MSM Vehicle Visor Panel – $38

Milspec Monkey

This is another item I have had a LONG time and really like what it offers me. In the Jeep, there are not many storage solutions to organize gear and this keeps those small things readily accessible without having to dig into the black hole of the center console. I keep a flashlight, batteries, chap stick, pens and pencils, a knife, and just about anything else small that I need to keep up there. It is also covered in Velcro so it is a great way to hang your favorite patches or, if you are a super nerd like me, hang whatever you have because I cover EVERYTHING in Velcro. Hey, it works for the space station, why not? Am I right guys…?


4. 3/8” Synthetic Shackles – $45


You ever see those vehicles driving around with shackles hanging all over them like they are READY to pull or be pulled out of a ditch? Yea, I was one of those guys and hey, if that is the look you want, rock on but they cause damage by swinging around hitting the bumper all day. For that reason, I removed all of mine and then I went a step further. I grabbed some synthetic shackles that are lighter, stronger, WAY less dangerous to use, and easier to work with. Even if your giftee doesn’t have a winch, they should be ready to help someone recover them by at least having a tow strap and a way to attach it. These would be great for that!


5. Utility Shelf for JK Jeep Wranglers – $50


This item is specifically for those Jeep people in your life. Not that other vehicle owners aren’t important, it is the exact opposite. Jeep owners have to spend money to have the storage solutions that “normal” vehicles come with. This is a shelf that mounts between the body and the top and adds a shelf between the rear wheel well and back seat, a space that would otherwise be wasted.


Well, that is it for the under $50 list. There are MANY things that could be on this list and if you need more ideas, or have ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.

$50-$150 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Overlanding

Here are 5 ideas under $150

1. Front Runner Camp Kitchen Stainless Steel Utensils – $67


This is great for the family that is always on the road. It has everything you could want to prepare and cook a great meal for a couple of people. The best part is that it is all held together and organized in a storage bag that makes it super easy to use. No more plastic bin full of rattling utensils!


2. Hi-Lift Jack 42″ – $78


This one is embarrassing but I have had to use my hi-lift jack recently and I am GLAD I had it. I may have or may not have lost a wheel going down the road after not torqueing down lug nuts after a tire rotation… ANYWAY, while my Jeep sat on the brake rotor, there was no way to get a jack under the axle to lift it up. I got my hi-lift jack out and used the rock rail to lift the Jeep high enough to get the regular jack under it. The hi-lift is a tool that can be used to do a LOT of things if you think outside the box and keep safety in mind.


3. ARB 3-1/4″ x 30′ Recovery Strap – 24000 lbs Capacity – $82


Whether or not you are fully prepared for a recovery situation with a winch, more shackles than you can count, a snatch block, a hundred tree savers, and a snatch strap, there is one thing you NEED. You must have a tow strap and a way to attach it! As long as you have a strap and a way to attach it, anyone can help you recover from a sticky situation. A good strap is the easiest thing to just throw in the back of the vehicle just in case.


4. Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp – $103


I have been using Slumberjack products for a while and I really enjoy their balance between price and quality. Their items have always served me well and this tarp is no different. It attaches to the back of the vehicle which offers me the ability to cook under the shelter and work out of the back of the Jeep where all my gear is. It can also be staked out to either provide maximum shade or maximum rain protection. It is a great design and a must-have item for people working out of the back of their vehicle.


5. Helinox Chair One – $120


You ever have those cheap fold-up chairs that disintegrate a year after you bought them and always at the worst time? How many of those do you have to buy before you find a better solution? HERE IT IS! I have had this chair for three years, served as my desk/lounge chair every day on a 4-month deployment, hundreds of hours flying on an airplane, and many camping trips. It shows no signs of wear it is lightweight, and when it goes, I’ll immediately order another one. Stop wasting money on inferior products!


Under $300 Overlanding Gifts


When you get into this price range, items become more specialized and whomever you are buying a costly item like this for, may have a strong opinion on brand or specific item. You may want to ask first before dropping a load of cash like this. GOT IT? Moving on…

Here are a few items that I can personally attest to their quality and utility:

1. Weathertech Front and Rear Black Floor Liners – $150+


This is the first purchase I make with any vehicle because I like to keep the carpet nice and not destroy it. Weathertch or Husky liners work great because they are custom fit to each vehicle. They don’t wad up, move around, or dump everything they catch right into the carpet as you try to get them out. I can’t even tell you what it is like to NEVER worry about what is on your shoes before betting in the vehicle because all you have to do is put them out and spray them down. Too easy.


2. ActionTrax – Self Recovery Tracks – $225


If I didn’t know better, I would think that these traction boards come right out of the MAXTRAX mold with a few added features. There is a serrated edge and ActionTrax branding. Other than that, you’d never know and they are about $75 cheaper and made in the US.


3. ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor High Output On-Board 12V Air Compressor – $276


On-board air was a luxury that took me a LONG time to justify but when I did it is another tool that I have available to provide peace of mind should I need it. Whomever you are buying this item for will need a way to mount it and all of the accessories but getting gifted the main component would have been really nice!


Remember that these are ideas and you may want to check with your giftee before dropping this much coin but these would be awesome items to be gifted.

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