One Minute Tip: RAM Mounts

In this One Min Tip, I’m going to talk about one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I swear by, the RAM mount.

I have covered RAM mounts before in my “Top 10 Interior Overland MODs” but here is a quick update.

I have been using these for years and have very little issues with them and when I do, it is because I am asking too much from the mount (like holding a full-size iPad at the worst angle and expecting it not to droop on a rough trail).

What I like the most is the versatility. You can get ANY attachment method you can think of and if not perfectly suited to your application, it may require a little ingenuity to get it to work. For my iPad I use this mount that has a hose clamp to secure the mounting ball to the grab bar on the passenger side.


V-Shape Base with 1-Inch Ball

On the other end I have a perfectly tailored cradle for the iPad that would secure it through a nuclear blast if such an event ever occurred near my Jeep.


RAM EZ-Roll’r

For my phone I use a suction cup on the front window that runs to an x-grip, which has spring-loaded arms with rubber on the ends to grip the device. I have never had it fall out or felt that it was unstable.


Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip

I do regularly un-suction it from the window, clean behind it (Jeeps collect more dust inside the windshield than the whole outside of the Jeep) and stick it back on. I have had it lose suction on a really hot/cold day if I have not cleaned behind it in a while but that is my fault. There are more permanent solutions out there from RAM that I could go with, I just haven’t.


I hope that only took about a minute, what solutions have you all found that may be better. I have looked at the Vector Off-road bar that you can mount things to but that seems like a more cumbersome setup than I already have…

Thanks for reading!

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