One Minute Tip: How to Find an Air Leak

Check out this one-minute read on how to easily find an air leak.

Lets say you are either on a trail and need to repair a flat or you are back home and want to see what is causing air to leak out of your tire. There is an easy way to identify the location of an air leak and it only requires a little water and some soap. You can use any soap but I have found that some dish soap works best.

Just put a few drops of soap in a bottle of water and start dropping it on the tire. I try to target areas where I think there may be a problem, but it only takes one drop to hit the leak for you to immediately see it. A whole water bottle will be more than enough, and the results speak for themselves.

I had a slow leak on my last trip and wanted to see what caused it. This is how I found the leak; can you spot it?


That is it, thanks for checking out this one minute tip!

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