DEBRIEF: Jeeplahoma Pt. 1

Here is a quick rundown of the trip!



1. Jeeplahoma Pictures


jeeplahoma 1


2. Complete OK Adventure Trail




I’m going to recap the trip while covering the objectives. I started the trip early in the morning to miss the hustle and bustle of people trying to get to work. I made my way towards Little Sahara State Park where I got stu… I mean, where my last trip ended prematurely. We’ll go with that. There had been a good bit of rain over the last couple of days so I knew the roads could be iffy and I soon found myself on a muddy road that was questionable but able to persevere. As I was on this road I remembered that I was supposed to be working on my photography skills so I started taking every opportunity to stop and take pictures. Here is the first one I took of the day.


train tracks-min.jpg


This road continued on to lead me to the top of a hill where there was a beautiful wooden cross overlooking the surrounding area. I stopped and took pictures of that too which you can see in the gallery post, HERE. The next stop for the trip was part of the Jeeplahoma trip in Boiling Springs State Park. One location I found to be particularly photogenic was the old pump house for the springs.


pump house-min.jpg


It’s probably a good time to state that I planned on making this a 3 day trip but before dark I found myself very near being back home so it ended up being a day trip. Throughout the rest of the day I checked off a couple more Jeeplahoma locations and stopped at every opportunity to take pictures of the landscape and wildlife.


Here are a few pictures that I took throughout the day.










One of the lessons I learned on this trip is the value of taking multiple pictures and experimenting with filters and lightning. Not only can you do those things while taking the pictures, a lot of that can be altered when working with them on the computer. Here are a few that I really liked the outcome of.






grey road-min.jpg


I also learned, after trying to edit pictures, that it is nice to have MANY pictures of something you thought you had taken enough pictures of. Often it was the last picture that was the best one for clarity, color, etc. The last picture of the road is one i  particular that is hard to get. Even if you get in the VERY middle of the road, maybe your elevation is off or maybe the center of the road slightly goes off to one side of the frame. Those things are difficult for me to edit afterwards but if I took a few more pictures, the likelihood that I would have a good one would be higher. Better to weed out bad pictures and keep the good ones than to try editing bad pictures wishing you had taken more. Just something I learned on this trip and will do going forward.


Overall, it was a great trip and I’m already looking at ways to explore some of the more interesting areas more. Check out all of the planning, pictures, and Google Earth file in the Routes page.


Thanks for reading!

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