MISSION: Jeeplahoma Pt 1 (again)

It is time to embark on a journey that I have started once before. Click “Read More” to see all of the plans I have for this trip.

MISSION: Jeeplahoma Pt 1 (again)


  1. Jeeplahoma Pictures
  2. Complete OK Adventure Trail




A little over a year ago I set out on my first overlanding trip which was the Oklahoma Adventure Trail. My Dad and I finished the Eastern portion of the trail but some of the roads became impassable and we decided to not complete the Western section of the trail.




I also set out on this same trip once before… It ended like this:




The purpose of that last trip was to get some pictures taken for the Red Dirt Jeeps’ Jeeplahoma passport which can be found HERE if you want to see what it is all about. A lot of the points are out west so I’ll be taking as much of the Adventure Trail that I can while hitting the Jeeplahoma waypoints. Weather is going to be iffy so I’ll have to keep tabs on potential storms as I’m going. Should be fun!

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