The “Why”

What is this all about?


One thing that I look for when reading or watching someone share their story is why they are doing it. If the perception is that they are more concerned with making $ over making good content, I immediately lose interest. I have been contemplating starting some form of content creation for a long time to build a community and simply share the things I learn through my travels. Recent events in my life have allowed me to make those dreams turn into action.


A breakdown of the site name should show you what I mean.




The “mission” serves a couple of roles. First, I have spent my entire adult life in the U.S. Air Force as a Navigator. My career came to an abrupt halt when I began suffering from a pretty sever spinal issue that was “obliterating” (yea, try reading that in your medical records and tell me how you feel afterwards…) the nerves going from my lower back into my legs. I had a spinal fusion that went as well as could be expected but the outcome was that I will never fly in the military again. This forced me out of the military which left me with a sense that everything I was associated with was being taken away from me.




The “mission” is to bring that sense of community back into my life and build that camaraderie with the other people who share some of my same passions, a love of the outdoors and a drive to show people what they are missing by driving 70+ MPH on the freeway everywhere they go.




When my back started acting up, overlanding was a way to experience some of the things that I thought had been taken from me. Instead of hitting the trails on my mountain bike, I hit them in my jeep. Instead of planning missions for my military flying career, I was able to devote time and energy into planning my next overlanding trip. Instead of setting off on an aircraft to execute the given mission, I set off on my own “mission” to find trails and execute the plan I spent time developing.


Overlanding quickly became an important piece of my life and really gave me back the drive for adventure. It allowed me to insert myself back into the military way of doing things and gave me a community to go to when I no longer had that within the military.




Well, that is the short and long of it. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all and make sure to check back for regular updates.


What is your story?

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