The Wilderness

The Wilderness treasure hunt is a 100% armchair hunt designed to get you researching and thinking. It will be challenging but I hope you enjoy the research as much as I did. This hunt is not designed around making money for either you or me, it is about the joy I have in making it and hopefully the joy you have in researching and solving the clues. For correcly solving the clues, I will provide a numbered coin for your hard work.

The Process
Bellow will be listed the coin numbers and clues. Once you feel like you have solved one of them, email me at with your guess. Guesses should be VERY specific, a latitude and longitude would be helpful due to the nature of names changing over time and the locations being in such a condensed area. I should get back to you within 48 hours and let you know whether your guess is correct or not. If your guess is correct, I will update The Quest map and coin list, and then ship the corresponding coin to you.

The Clues
Somewhere out there is a wilderness that captivates my mind and pulls at my soul. Endless repetition of narrow creek, canyon wall, ridge, and peak. Long are the rivers that form from the many creeks, few are the people who have settled in this rugged terrain. Why is it that I am drawn to this place? Answering that question is something that is deeply meaningful to me. You see, I find God in the mountains and when I am in the wilderness, he speaks to me.

But that isn’t the only thing that pulls me in. I have a deep sense of adventure that is almost insatiable. To many that may seem foolish, and they think I need to grow up. To me, never losing the child-like excitement for adventure has brought me out of many dark times in adulthood. Exploration of a foreign, wild place is a feeling that brings me back to life when I feel like I should not be. Ruts of the past disappear when the challenge of adventure is ahead of us. Reflecting on past events is impractical when the rugged terrain of the wilderness forces you to focus solely on the present. Over and over, I find myself in a place where the mountains are calling me, and I know I need to answer the call. Once I hear that call, I can’t explain it, but I know God wants to teach me something. This wilderness in question is calling me, I think it’s time I plan to answer the call.

183: If you were Henry, where would you be laid to rest? Why?