After I left the military, I took a trip that I had been planning for some time. A time to define the transition of one life into another and something to focus on while everything I knew around me was changing. Because I have a terrible back and a limited amount of time to travel, I decided to drive a trail that ins very interesting to me. This trail separates the continent and runs from Mexico to Canada.

The spot I am looking for would not be accessible to me during my trip but others could reach it. The closest I could get is a was a road (+1) that passed a Lobo. From there it would be a pretty wild trip that I could not take. One of these days, maybe I’ll make that trip and find the hope I seek in adventuring in the mountains. If that hope pushed me to continue, I might find my path leading to a rather rocky pass. It looks beautiful and I’d love to drop a coin there. Can you find it?


Submit guesses to colin@msnovrlnd.com

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