I often feel like I am too critical on some National Forest and the things they have to offer the public. In fact, some of their web sites highlight the most mundane things in an attempt to entice people into exploring their land. For this forest, they did not even make an attempt. Most of the pages are completely blank. No history and culture, nothing for the kids, nothing about outdoor safety, nothing about the nature and science in the area.

They do mention one place that looks interesting, a giant monolith sticking out of the side of the mountain like a fist raising out of the grave. With all my criticisms, I’m sure I would love it if I were there to see it myself.

Also, to add to the mystery, no one knows where the name of this forest comes from. So its just vagueness all around for this one. ENJOY!

Can you identify this rock structure in this non-descript forest?


ps. Please don’t read too much into the cynical nature of this set of clues, there really is no information and no one really knows where the name comes from, but it looks beautiful and I’m just poking fun a little.

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