Having only been to the Canadian border once, it was during an important transition time in my life and I felt at home in the mountains of the North. During that trip I also became familiar with old mining towns that had long since forgotten and mining equipment left to sink back into the ground which it had a part in digging up.

It made me think a lot about life back in those days. Were people trying to get rich? Or were they chasing the next vein to continue living? Did they love the constant exploration into the wilderness to find the next vein of ore or were they simply doing their job?

While researching these armchair hunts I often find things that I will spend hours researching and contemplating these same kinds of questions over. One of these long-gone places is a mine that was within 1/2 of a mile from the Boundary between the US and Canada. As far as I can tell there are no remnants of anything to do with the mine other than some debris near one of the entrances. I do not think there is even a trail anymore to, what once was, where someone spent their days making ends meet.

This one is going to take some work, but I am sure some of you sleuths can find it. Where EXACTLY was the mill located? I am looking for a latitude and longitude (within a few feet) for this one. Call it a “GPS solve”. Maybe not…


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