During the western expansion period of the US, many trails were created to lead emigrants West. One of these trails was created by a fruity individual who had recruited the best qualified individuals for the trip and had amassed every bit of information he could from previous expeditions through the areas around where he wanted to find his trail.

During their trip they crossed what is now a state line and were surprised to find a valley. The trail would take them between two lakes and North towards a very tough mountain pass they would have to overcome to keep moving West. This pass, once crossed, would reveal a lush grass valley with pine-covered mountains all around except for a glimpse of the blue water of the avian lake that lay ahead of them. This lake would be their next destination and a point at which many of the trails would go their separate ways.

Can you imagine working so hard to get up this very tough mountain pass and then be greeted with this view? Can you find this pass?


Courtesy of Google Maps

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